Sports Massage

Aimed to get faster recovery from moderate and intensive sport that will allow you to keep training and performing efficiently and quickly achieve your sporting goals. Sports massage increases blood flow to your muscles and decrease the inflammatory

Rehabilitation Massage

We provide specific treatment for rehabilitation needs. We assess your requirements and with our experience and knowledge we can quickly determine areas to fix that will decrease pain and accelerate recovery. We also work with medical professionals that can assist if more attention is required.

Relaxation Massage

We can help you just relax and take the stress away with a deep relaxation massage. Our massage will help decrease muscle tension, reduce stress, promote deep relaxation and good sleep. You will feel fantastic and very relaxed


FITMEDAY Massage specialises in sports, rehabilitation and relaxation massage, located at AFITNESS Health & Performance Gym, Albany, Auckland.


Emma Gillard is an experienced massage therapist and personal trainer with over 20 years in the industry. Emma has provided top quality massage services to NRL sports teams & referees, athletes, coaches and clients just needing a little TLC. Emma combines her personal training and massage skills to help with rehabilitation and prevention of injuries.

Carl Razón is in his 3rd and final year of a Bachelor in Applied Science as part of his 5 year study plan to become an Osteopath. He applies these clinical techniques to his massage treatments.


Emma & Carl use their individual specialised skills to work together to provide their clientele with everything from  a relaxation massage to injury rehabilitation/prevention on the massage table and in the gym.